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 Goddess Dreams

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PostSubject: Goddess Dreams   Sun May 17, 2015 6:16 pm

After spending time updating the gifts on all my different sites I decided to write about them all. If I get to finish that thought - who knows. I will however not tell you that much about the site I am presenting as there is not much to tell. My sites are more a visual experience then one to make understandable in words. One thing I have noticed with my sites is that people have absolutely no problem with my green category. I have never had any complaints about them as they are all about our ordinary lives here on earth. The only negative I've ever heard about my blue sites, which are the fantasy sites, is that I on the group name have put together two words the person considered didn't belong together. Eventually that person turned out to be a really nasty person, as she'd joined that group and tried to start fights and thinking herself entitled. I've read opinions from a man that there is something very wrong with women wanting to call themselves "angels", but I can not really argue with him on that, though he was generalizing a bit too much. Many are the narcissistic women whom like to be likened to an "angel". I made a kind of joke about that, thinking about this man's opinion on the issue, and put a song on one of those sites with the title "I'm no angel".

But these sites however - my red ones - have I had really horrible attacks on from very nasty people. All women actually. One woman, who got this site from my dear brother, could hardly write and admitted she'd never bothered to go to school. Not even home schooled, mind you. She got very much in victim mood when I tried to reply to her insults, where she said I was stupid more or less, and that my site was of the devil, as I had to tell her that it was hard to understand what she wrote due to all her wrong spellings. Her argument was that I was insulting her due to her inability to spell as she had dropped out of school very early, like that's an excuse. You learn how to spell by reading books and she did know how to read. The page she looked at was this one - Goddess Dreams - and it is mostly in swedish, but I've put in effort in later years to translate alot. The web-browsers do have translaters now, but they suck. Her main argument was that anything to do with the goddess was evil and hence was I promoting evil as she decided that I worshiped the goddess on my sites. I tried to explain that the goddess was me and that it was just for fun. She was totally hateful, as all that was just evil too. Oh well, you can't put love and care into all human beings - some just need to hate and project their own dark souls unto others.

Minns vem du är och varför du är här!
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Goddess Dreams
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