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 Goddess Fate

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PostSubject: Goddess Fate   Sun May 17, 2015 6:22 pm

Now I will present the second website of my red sites. I started this one as I once adopted a webring called The Zodiac. It started out as that but eventually it grew into what it is today and it's been quite a calm place with not much arguments or bad comments about it. Only trouble there was ended when I deleted the webring, as RingSurf totally ruined that for all of us owning rings there. At that time I of course had to deal with members not following the directives and an ever smaller circle of websites. All this creativity of making own websites seems to have seized when Facebook took over peoples lives. Before that people seemed more in control of their own fates, making own very individual pages on the internet, but after these communities took over they are all pretty much the same. It's all about getting likes and appealing to as many as possible. The guestbooks belonging to all personal websites are also disappearing one after another, so there is never any more guest on any of my sites since March last year. If you like to visit my website, please go here - Goddess Fate - and you can click your way through the entrance to seek deeper insights of the zodiac and our universe.

There is an agenda on this planet to faze out our creativity. The possessed people, heavily infected with the psychopathic virus, hence are dead set on first and foremost destroy truly creative, loving people. You might think it is by chance, but it's not. The virus knows who to attack and that is why there is a vast higher probability a creative and loving soul will be randomly a victim to attempts to either destroy them physically or mentally. Or in any other way or form that there is to destroy a person in this world. You might ask why it's so important to destroy true creativity and the answer is cause all that is of pure source energy and will then be able to destroy the controllers power over our minds. That is why they try to control creativity with contests in creativity, which is totally ridiculous as a judge cannot decide who is creating in the right way, as the judge is only another human being. Another way to do it is to have the masses decide what is right, but the masses are never in front of the crowd, but far behind in the middle. So whatever the crowed vote for will be far from creative. The ones they want gone are the odd personalities, the original souls, that create from their inner power, connected directly to source. They want people who mimic enough to be accepted by the masses, and who are charismatic like vampires and energy thieves always are.

Minns vem du är och varför du är här!
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Goddess Fate
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