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 Goddess Circle

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PostSubject: Goddess Circle   Sun May 17, 2015 6:47 pm

This is a post about my forth website of my so called red sites. I mentioned in my previous posts about my sites that I've had some very negative comments on some of them and this one is definitely one of the most hated. The comments are still in the guestbook, which doesn't work anymore so don't try to sign it. It's not been many comments, but this site seemed to be mostly hated by feminists who think women should be ashamed over themselves and not be shown in art as the nature made them, but covered up and using no make up or in any other way trying to look good. I don't know about women feeling that way about other women, but I find it extremely offensive and judgmental. And I'm not very much for looking that luring myself, so I don't even take those comments personal, but I find it offensive towards those women who want to look good and do look good. I feel it's wonderful that some women are that beautiful and are not ashamed to show it. I feel that those women who feel a need to put other women down for being what they like are very sad human beings, and not very much happy with themselves, most likely. So this is my very much magical site - Goddess Circle. It's a site about witches and the natural power all witches possess. It's not men that's been the greatest enemies to the witches, but other women hating them for the abilities they have within.

Women who hate other women and try to devalue them and put them down with sinister lies and smear is something of the worst betrayal and what I've seen my whole life again and again. The absolute worst with these women is their cunning ability to frame their target, the victim of their hate campaign, for their own doings. And they don't only target women they meet casually, but they target their own kin, even their daughters and their sisters. The envy they feel for any woman with greater gifts are endless. These women are clearly pathological and if you never been targeted by one you most likely are totally unaware of what ends they'll go to only to ruin the other person's life and character. They might do it to gain more popularity or even wealth, but the deep rooted reason is this envy. I doubt these envious women are the prettiest or the most attractive, but the contrary. They are often well dressed, however, almost too well dressed. They'll put endless effort into looking smart and representative, while actually being deeply envious of the more natural beauties, who flaunt their beauty right and left with ease, while getting the attention from the most handsome of the men.

Minns vem du är och varför du är här!
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Goddess Circle
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