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 Goddess Wolves

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PostSubject: Goddess Wolves   Sun May 17, 2015 6:56 pm

I have six sites under my Red Heart category and this one is the fifth, but it used to be the last until I recently changed the order of the sites and moved this one up. It's double level symbolism with the wolf theme, as it's both about real live wolves that live in nature, and the kind you find walking among men pretending to be human, while in reality being predators out to harm others. The reason I thought about that is due to bullies that's been tormenting me my whole life, as I'm a sensitive and also a loner. Predators love to attack people they believe are easy targets, vulnerable and an easy kill, so they love to attack me and have been doing that my whole life. I can't even remember how many times really nasty females been lying about me to ruin my social life, but every time it happened it came out of the blue, like an attack by a predator, without me having a clue what was going on behind my back. Much fewer times the attacker been a male, one of the kinds that are out for revenge of some kind. You find this site here: Goddess Wolves. So the reason I made this site about wolves was cause of the stalking and lies that a man was doing to me.

I don't really know why males attack me, but I have by now figured out the reason females do what they do so very often. To me it seems like the males are furious that I stand up for myself and don't play along with their using of me as their tool or whatever they intended. At the moment it's people who know all about old bullying I've been through and they seem to be using these old methods to screw with me. It's like they've been pretending my whole life they were family, but all they did was to find out all my weaknesses so they could seriously fuck me over with every thing that others done to me previously. So now a brother of mine behaves like the man who inspired me to make this site. That is stalking my sites and reading my private thoughts. He was the only one who could explain why that man was so cruel and now he's equally cruel, if not even worse, I may say. I truly feel he's worse, as the other man stopped stalking me after about half a year, and this torment has soon been going on two years. And this time it's been escalating as time goes by instead of receding.

Minns vem du är och varför du är här!
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Goddess Wolves
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