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 Goddess Myths

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PostSubject: Goddess Myths   Sun May 17, 2015 7:01 pm

At last I've come to my last red site - the sixth. Recently it was my fifth red site, but now it's the last. However, don't get confused by me calling this site a red site, with that the design actually is red on the site. It's more green and brown, then red. When I call sites red it's cause they are under the Red Pill category and are dealing with deeper secrets. This last one is the most secret of them all, obviously, and is straight out dealing with the occult, the hidden and what has been kept a secret. You will also find out about our old gods and goddesses that my ancestors fought and died for to keep, while others saw the chance to get ahead and betrayed the old ways and joined the new church instead. Therefore they fought on both sides, while the later pagan sainted Sigrid fought for the old ways, being the queen of the Eastern Realms, on the other side in the West was the king on the Romans side. There is no other way to say this, but he seemed to have been a true shithead and betrayed the others and thanks to that the pagans had to both fight their kin in the west, while fighting the hordes from the south. You can visit my site here - Goddess Myths.

The most famous Asir gods and goddesses have their own webpages, and there is also a page listing many more. It's been a long time since it's updated, but there are a few nice items still. These Gods and Goddesses however were living people with their blood traced back to those that are not humans. The Nordics came here about 3000 years ago, which is about the same time as the ruling family in Sumer left that place. This is not the only connection, but they've found a DNA connection too. It's said that Sumer were hit by a Black Death like plague at that time and more then half of the population died, if not more. The rulers were blamed, as they were supposingly choosen by the Gods to rule, and were also of the bloodline of the Gods. When so many people died it's said that the people considered that the rulers had fallen out of grace, that the Gods did not support them anymore, so they had to leave. The interesting thing is that as Sumer seems to have fallen due to a massive plague, so did the Roman Empire totally transform after a plague. Another interesting matter is that it's said that a huge meteorite hit Sumer shortly before the plague, which is something many have commented on, how these plagues seem to follow after a meteorite hit.
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Goddess Myths
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