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 Threats Against MY Free Speech

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PostSubject: Threats Against MY Free Speech   Sun May 17, 2015 10:20 pm

(Extract from a blog I made another day - Vetteljus Blog)
Another weird belief was the one I found out on dad’s funeral. His dear friend told me how kind he was who paid my fines for killing her chickens, as I refused to. It was just that I never killed them, and I still paid the fines as dad refused to pay as he hadn’t caused the damage either. Up till that moment I’d thought everyone knew the truth, but somehow someone have managed to lie about that too.

Up until now it’s been pretty safe to lie about me, I guess, as I have been such a very very shy person, who kept to myself as it seemed like most people didn’t like me and I didn’t want to bother people with my boring presence. I was sure they rather ate live worms then spoke to such a total drag as myself.

This is exactly how your narcissistic abuser wants you to feel and to behave. When they have you isolated they can use you as a scapegoat. After I had my blackout something had changed inside of me and it was like I was not that person anymore. I’m sure that if I stay in contact with my abusers I will shortly get broken again and accept their harsh and unfair treatment.

That is how you behave when you are broken. You don’t question your fate, don’t ask to be treated like a normal being. I will never ever forget when my brother-in-law and his mother treated me like a normal person. It was a wonderful christmas. I thought he was a nice person, so when I realized he too hated me and wanted me destroyed it was a shock.

I asked myself: Why did he tell me to tell him if I was unfairly treated? Why did he lie to me that he cared for my wellbeing? Of course, I came to the same solution, the bitter one, that I came with the narcissist who stalked my websites for a year. He fooled me and now I am so scared that all nice people will turn on me too. I will however try to live on the hope that there are good people out there. Not everyone is a liar who only pretends to care. Some are good people. I’m sure.

The reason I post this here is cause of these people and what they demand of me. They demand that I stop telling the truth and shut the fuck up. They demand that I delete everything I've ever written that they can even imagine have something to do with them. I say that as I NEVER mention them by name, only as part of my life and memories, like the one above with the chickens. Who killed the chicken and then framed me? Can't you tell me that please? You must know who I am first, then you have to know the story. To call stories like this defamation that has to be deleted are insane, when they go around and tell people that I am INSANE, and a THIEF and a LIAR, using my REAL ID and totally using their own names. They use also FACEBOOK to lie about me and others. They send lies to the COURT and they lie to "everyone", according to themselves. They also lie to lawyers and threaten me with the police and to sue me for defamation. All the while when THEY are doing all that to me! That is CRAZY narcissists for you in a nutchell. Some crazy, amoral dirt bags they are...

Minns vem du är och varför du är här!
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Threats Against MY Free Speech
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