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 Goddess Star

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PostSubject: Goddess Star   Sun May 17, 2015 6:33 pm

This is my third website of my red ones. It's about creativity and art, graphics and also about the stars of the seven sisters, but most of all of our planet of love and creation. That is the planet or the star of the goddess, the five pointed star of female energy. On this site I've put up quite alot of graphics, but not overly much compared to my other sites, which was the purpose when I made this site. But somehow all my sites are like this one, as they are all manifestations of my creativity with my graphics on them, so truly this is only the site celebrating this fact more then the one solely representing this. You can visit this site by going here - Goddess Star - and then click your way into this realm to watch more of the site. This is also a salutation to the feminine force here in our cosmos, to the true women who manifest love and care and who create. As we are living in a patriarchal society all qualities originating from the female energy is considered worthless or atleast of less worth then all the ones of male origin. I'm not saying this cause I'm a feminist, as that is a manufactured entity to cause fraction between males and females on this planet. All human beings manifest both male and feminine abilities, some more of one or another.

But the fact is that the bullying and crushing of other people are totally due to male energy, the action and attack mode that wish to force itself upon others. Many are the women living after this and are bullies. This is the warrior who are fighting for what they believe in also. That is the more positive aspect of this energy, but the negative side is this very cruel bullying aspect that is set to destroy their enemies. That is why I believe the destroyers of the feminine spirit, the ones originating from the creative source, are of this patriarchal soul group. They are easily infected by the virus that tells them that they are the rightful rulers of this world and that they can and should kill anyone in their way. They will not listen and not care for anything then their own limited self interest. Like I've said this is not due to you being born man or woman, but if you are a bully or not a bully. If you choose to manifest the male energy you need to have a huge consciousness, being very careful to understand before you go out and kill your enemies. Or you'll just kill your opposition, which more then likely will be those who are in the right, for real, as if you are acting in total self interest you will most likely never have cared for other's interests.

Minns vem du är och varför du är här!
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Goddess Star
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